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The new 2010 third edition of "Clock Repair 1 and 2" is here!  It is filled with more information than the previous 2 editions!


Want to learn about antique clock case repair and restoration?  

This new course is for you.


"Clock Case Repair & Restoration"

For Antique Clocks







My interest has always been about antiques.  I specialize in the repair and restoration of antique clocks.  The repair and restoration of antique clocks includes the clock case along with the movement.  What do people first see when they discover an antique clock?  The case.  The movement is inspected after the appeal of the case.  Antique clock cases were constructed using woods, finishing materials and styles based on furniture of the same time period.  A knowledge and understanding of antique furniture repair and restoration is essential for correct case restoration and repair.  You can visit the antique wood furniture repair and restoration site for this information:  www.AntqRestoration.com       



See our ads in the issues of "THE MART" from the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors and the "Horological Journal" - Official Journal of the British Horological Institute and British Horological Federation.



Clock Repair 1 and 2


This course preview is featured on YouTube.




Clockmaker Watchmaker Lathe Basics


This course preview is featured on YouTube.




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The new "Clockmaker Watchmaker Lathe Projects" DVD course is here.

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The new "Clockmaker Watchmaker Lathe Basics" DVD course is here.

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Clockmaker Watchmaker Lathe Basics


4 Clock Repair Course Previews

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This is a video clip that previews 4 courses.

1.  Clock Repair 1 and 2

2.  Advanced Clock Repair

3.  PRO advanced clock repair

4.  Wooden Works Movement Repair

There is a brief introduction before each course preview.  Total playing time is approximately 14 minutes and 14 seconds. 

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"PRO advanced clock repair" is here.

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Press release


On March 2003 and 2004, NAWCC chapter 124 of Dallas, Texas conducted an "Antique Road Show" style program.  

  The program was open to the public and was advertised in the local news papers.  This was along side the regional NAWCC clock convention held in the Dallas metropolitan area.  Many people brought in their watches and clocks for evaluation.  Yours truly was one of the volunteers in both years who worked the clock evaluation table.


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